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Intertech delivers a suite of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services. These services increase team productivity, reduce defects, and improve satisfaction—for your software development team and your customer. Our field-tested solutions and world-class consultants have improved both .NET and Java-based organizations.

Intertech’s ALM solutions focus on:

  • Improving the planning, building, and managing of software
  • Increasing quality
  • efficiency, consistency, and speed to market
  • Creating agile applications aligned with business goals

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Intertech ALM Services

While each client’s needs are special, Intertech delivers services in four primary steps:

  • Step 1: ALM Catalyst Preview
  • Step 2: ALM Catalyst Insight
  • Step 3: TFS Installation & Integration
  • Step 4: TFS Automated Build & Deploy

Intertech’s TFS services are delivered using Intertech’s TFS Solution Accelerators™. These field tested tools and components reduce your implementation costs while increasing functionality.

ALM Catalyst Preview

Free, covered by Microsoft & Intertech

An online survey offering that can be completed by an individual or a team to gain:

  • Understanding of exactly where IT processes are strong and where they can be improved
  • Peer comparisons, so you can see how your processes set up against others in your industry and organization size
  • An important discussion document for your team, management, and partners

Intertech’s TFS services are delivered using Intertech’s TFS Solution Accelerators™ . These field tested tools and components reduce your implementation costs while increasing functionality.

Preview can be used by anyone who wants:

  • A quick overview of current conditions
  • An initial baseline measurement of their development processes
  • To track progress over time with periodic surveys
  • A conversation starter for deeper dialogue about ALM

Preview provides the greatest value when used by an ALM expert as a starting point for deeper review and sound recommendations.

ALM Catalyst Insight

Free, covered by Microsoft & Intertech

Scalable phone-based consulting:

  • Builds upon team Preview survey answers
  • Brings out additional relevant detail
  • Results in highlighting priorities and recommending proven solutions for improved processes

Insight is best for organizations that:

  • Have a contact at or above director level who can invest the time
  • Have five or more stakeholders across disciplines who can contribute to a survey

TFS Installation & Integration

In the Complete TFS Installation and Integration offering, your team is trained on best practices for using and administering TFS—tremendously shortening the learning curve on this significant product. The software is configured to your environment using proven best practices. These also are documented and explained so they can be modified in the future. Intertech brings not only best practices, but a complete set of artifacts and templates. These include (but are not limited to) extended documentation for TFS, sample workflows, and built, tested, and proven code extensions. All together, these provide months of time savings. Artifacts and templates are completely customized to fit your environment-from your machine configuration to your development process. Your key staff are involved throughout the entire process. To ensure a successful hand-off, everyone on your team receives hands-on learning in your TFS environment. Click for detailed PDF

TFS Automated Build & Deploy

Through the Complete TFS Build and Deploy step, Intertech implements a template-based build and deploy of one or more of your existing applications. The template used is parameterized so similar application types (e.g. web, web service, windows service, even asp or java ant applications) can be deployed using this single template. Your key staff are involved throughout the whole process. Upon completion, your team receives hands-on learning in your TFS environment. Click for detailed PDF

Intertech Complete ALM and TFS Solutions

Intertech TFS Solution Accelerators™

Intertech’s TFS Solution Accelerators™ shorten implementation time using field-tested tools and components. In addition to reducing time, these Accelerators add to and enhance the functionality of TFS. Some of Intertech’s TFS Solution Accelerators include:

  • Automated Build & Deploy Accelerator
  • MS Project TFS Sync Accelerator
  • Time Tracking Accelerator
  • Work Item & Defect Accelerator

MN VSTS/TFS User Group

Intertech is the founding sponsor of the Visual Studio Team System Minnesota user group (VSTS MN). VSTS MN was the first VSTS/TFS user group in the country. Meetings are free and held monthly.


Intertech has partnered with many organizations to develop and implement sophisticated IT applications to transform organizational processes, strengthen customer engagement and kickstart productivity. Check out one of our recent case studies: Navitor regarding platform update.

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