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Java 8 Tutorial: Default and Static Methods

I’ve been programming in Java for over 16 years and teaching it for nearly half that time. So it’s going to take a little practice to stop repeating this sentence: “Interfaces may only contain methods that are public and abstract.”  As of Java 8, that statement is no longer true.  It is now possible to add both instance and static methods to Java interfaces. Review: The Contract When a class declares that it implements an interface, it must implement all of the… Read More

iOS 8 Tutorial: Tuples in Swift

What do you do when you want to work with a small collection of different values, but don’t need a full fledge array or dictionary?  Use a tuple in Swift – a new addition to the iOS SDK thanks to Swift! Tuples in Swift are as simple as a collection can get: values that may be of disparate data types, with no special functionality (other than the ability to access the values by name or index). Creating a Tuple Tuples in Swift are… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of January 19th

We’re back this Friday with your weekly dose of interesting developer reading from around the web. For those new subscribers to the Intertech blog, this series hits every Friday and plucks out 4 pieces of news or content that grabbed the attention of one of our developers that week. Have something interesting to share? Feel free to use the comment section below. Javascript minification is a technique which condenses your script into a much smaller footprint. Nice article highlighting 14 tools… Read More

Agile Development: Keeping Daily Stand-ups Efficient and Meaningful (Part 3)

Keeping Daily Stand-ups Efficient and Meaningful (Part1) and (Part2), in this Agile development series, discussed key information I typically see missing from agile development team’s task boards which easily turn Daily Stand-up meetings into tedious status gathering meetings.  In this post, I would like to draw attention to a style of conducting this meeting that to teams of any size, not only confuses but completely sends the wrong message to an agile team.     The Scrum Master goes around the room and… Read More

Angular Agility: AngularJS Validation Pulled from Web API

In my previous article, I introduced new web controls for John Culviner’s Angular Agility.  In this article, I’m going to shift the focus to form validation.  One of the nice things about Angular Agility is the ability to define validation for a form in the controller.  So instead of adding a ‘required’ attribute to your input control, you can simply define it like so in the controller: This got me excited because if we’re in an AngularJS controller, we can call… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of January 12th

Happy Friday fellow software developers. Below is our weekly roundup of interesting news, tips, presentations, and videos from around the web. And this week, a little fun diversion. Enjoy! Some great content came out of a recent AngularMN Meetup here in Minneapolis that we thought you might enjoy: Presentation about what to expect from AngularJS in 2015 This video was referenced that talks about AngularJS 2.0 Features and Beyond Another video referenced that talked about Angular 2.0 Core by comparing it with Angular… Read More

Agile Development: Keeping Daily Stand-ups Efficient and Meaningful (Part 2)

Keeping Daily Stand-ups Efficient and Meaningful – Part 1, of this Agile Development series, discussed the importance of adding the “Dams” (iteration bugs and impediments) to the task board – giving you a visible starting point of your Daily Stand-up meeting. While these obstacles to finishing a team’s commitments are the most obvious visuals missing from most task boards, there are other visual gaps in the “Dids” (what was accomplished since our last stand-up meeting) that can be equally egregious at turning stand-ups… Read More

6 Field Group Strategies for Angular Agility

Angular Agility was written by John Culviner and is used in AngularJS websites to reduce the amount of HTML that developers need to write.  It also gives nice validation options – like specifying the form validation in the controller instead of on the input tag. You might be wondering about the title of this blog post…what are “Field Group Strategies”?  A Field Group Strategy is an Angular Agility term that gives developers like me an extension point to create new field groups (i.e. a… Read More

An Inside Glimpse Into How We Kicked-Off 2015

What do you get when you mix business transparency, good food, a positive team energy, and a crazy rugby theme? Answer: The right start to 2015. No, we didn’t celebrate our top workplace awards from 2014. We didn’t review every accomplishment or roadblock the company had from last year. We didn’t pat ourselves on the back for good results. At our 2015 Kick-Off Meeting, we looked ahead. (Of course, this after a great dinner, catching up with friends we don’t see everyday,… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of January 5th

After a couple week absence of our Friday’s Picks, we’re back and ready to roll for 2015. We’re kicking off the new year with articles ranging from interviewing tips for developers to what pitfalls to avoid when using the AngularJS framework. Enjoy!… Read More