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Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of November 17th

I never thought I’d write the words Shakespeare and JavaScript in the same sentence, but there is a first time for everything. Read more about that as well as other favorite topics of ours such as GitHub and Agile. Who says Fridays can’t be entertaining?… Read More

Android Thread Communications – AnDevCon Presentation

We wrote a couple weeks ago about Intertech’s Jim White presenting at AnDevCon in San Francisco. Jim’s talk is this week and we wanted to give our blog readers a first look at his presentation on Android Thread Communications. You can check out the presentation below on SlideShare or download the deck and the code samples Jim used during the presentation. As part of the talk we also released our newest white paper on Android NON-UI to UI Thread Communications… Read More

Android 5 API Changes – getAppTasks( )

By now, you are aware that Android 5 (called Lollipop) was released (see here) in November.  While the number of devices available to run (let alone actually running Lollipop) are few at this time, we should all start to see Lollipop on our devices in the coming year. Per my post earlier this summer (see here), along with several recent bulletins (here is one from Google), this is a “major” release under almost anyone’s definition – full of all sorts… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of November 10th

A major announcement from Microsoft along with a story that most programmers won’t believe, but it may be true. Happy Friday from us at Intertech. Enjoy our selection of reading this week. Would you believe that someday there could be an “auto-complete” for your coding work? DARPA believes there will be and is investing $11 million into the project. Big news this week from Microsoft as they announced they’ll be open sourcing .NET and hosting it on GitHub as well… Read More

Avoiding File Concurrency when using System.IO.FileSystemWatcher

A while back a colleague of mine was developing a Windows Service using the .NET System.IO.FileSystemWatcher to process files arriving via FTP. The design was pretty straight forward: monitor a file share for incoming files, parse each file after it arrived, and then persist the information gleaned from each file into a database for downstream processing. After hearing several “choice words” emanating from his cube. I guessed it was not as straight forward as it sounded. Turns out, the files he was processing were… Read More

Liskov Substitution Principle with C# Examples

According to Wikipedia, the Liskov Substitution Principle states that “Objects in a program should be replaceable with instances of their subtypes without altering the correctness of that program”.  This means that structurally our derivations should not alter the shape of the base type in a way that could break the correctness of consumers, and behaviorally subtypes must not violate reasonable assumptions about the base type.  The rule is meant to help guide us in how we use inheritance when we design… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of November 3rd

Happy Friday from us here at Intertech. Below are some of the articles, tips, and tools that were floating around our offices here in Minnesota this week. We hope you find them useful. We’re quietly bracing for Winter so it’s best we keep our minds off snow and more on development. Interesting article about the critical shortage of mobile app developers in Enterprises. Seems businesses can’t redeploy fast enough from traditional projects. Major skills in demand are Java, JavaScript, and… Read More

Intertech’s Jim White to Speak at AnDevCon

If you’re heading to the Android Developer Conference (AnDevCon) later in November, be sure to put Intertech’s Jim White on your session agenda. For a few days in November, AnDevCon will be the center of the universe for Android software developers taking in mobile app development tutorials and classes. Jim will be speaking on Android Thread Communications. As seen on the AnDevCon website, below is the outline of his session. After Jim’s talk he’ll be giving details on how you can get a copy of… Read More

ScrumMaster – Getting Beyond the Basics (Recorded Webinar)

Our Oxygen Blast webinar last week focused on ScrumMasters and what they can do to get beyond the basics. We welcomed Lonnie Weaver-Johnson, who as a 20-year veteran in the IT space, now coaches and mentors agile teams. Lonnie did a deep dive into some of the struggles she’s seen as people and organizations work to adopt Scrum practices. She focused on: How to get teams to self organize Helping leaders to understand agile methodologies How to tell when you’re going… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of October 27th

“How many programmers does it take to change a light bulb? None. It’s a hardware problem”. Who said we can’t start Friday with a couple laughs? If you liked that one, check out more corny tech jokes below along with other good reading selections to round out your week. Welcome to our new blog readers this week! These Friday Picks are the selections of our trainers, consultants, and developers at Intertech. We publish new selections each Friday. Enjoy! “Java Sleight… Read More