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Spring Integration Tutorial (Part 7) – Service Activators

  As we near the end of this eight-part tutorial series on Spring Integration (SI), the topic of this seventh installment is on service activators.  The name of this SI message endpoint aptly defines what it does.  A service activator is an SI component that triggers (or activates) a Spring-managed service object or bean.  A service activator polls a message channel looking for messages.  On the arrival of a message, it calls the processing method of  the service bean (which is typically… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of September 22nd

“Enough with JavaScript already”? “C++ code used by Dropbox”? A couple of article titles you probably didn’t expect to see this Friday. That coupled with the announcement of some free development tools for students and an article on building distributed development teams. Enjoy and have a good Friday!… Read More

Spring Integration Tutorial (Part 6) – Enrichers

Spring Integration enrichers are really just a special type of transformer (see previous post in this series).  Enrichers take a message from a channel and enhance it by adding information to its header or payload.  Thus, an enricher is a transformer that only adds information to the message rather than alter it in other ways. Learn more about SI enrichers in part 6 of 8 in the Intertech Spring Integration tutorial series.   View Slides Only   After watching the… Read More

How To Upgrade iOS 8 Beta To Public Release

It was a crisp October evening, in 2013… I was out with some friends, later than expected, and wanted to update my fiancée on my whereabouts. I grabbed my iPhone to give her a call, but to my horror discovered that my device had been “bricked.”  Other than displaying an “Activation Required” message, my phone was completely disabled…. Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of September 15th

Personally, my favorite pick from this week was passed on to me by one of our .NET developers. It’s the last pick listed and hopefully provides a little humor for you this Friday. But, plenty of other good reading as well this week around Visual Studio, JavaScript, iOS 8, etc. Enjoy! If you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of weeks and haven’t explored what’s new with iOS 8 here’s the rundown. Then, hop over to Mashable and figure… Read More

Paying it Forward (Post 2 of 2) – STEM Scholarship

Second of two blog posts in this series. See first post here. Last time I shared news about Intertech’s new philanthropic focus on science and technology learning. I also mentioned the new $2,500 STEM scholarship being funded by the Intertech Foundation for an aspiring computer science freshman college student. And I promised to delve more deeply into the topic of computer science careers. First, some facts: Nine out of the 10 “Best Jobs for 2014” fell into the STEM category… Read More

How To Open An iOS App From A Web Page

You’ve likely experienced the following scenario: you visit a web page on your iOS device, and the site asks, “would you like to use our iOS app instead?”  If you have the app downloaded, clicking the link launches the app, typically providing a richer user experience.  This is accomplished by creating a normal HTML link, but one that references a custom URL scheme, i.e. intertech:// instead of http://.  In this demo, I explain how to assign a custom scheme in Xcode to your… Read More

Friday’s Developer Picks – Week of September 8th

Big week in the iOS developer community with Apple’s announcements, but don’t worry, we stayed impartial in this week’s picks and provided a video below from Google’s Android platform. The bottom line is that we have much to look forward to in application development for all platforms. Enjoy this week’s reading!… Read More

FAQs: Swift for iOS 8 and OS X

One of the first lessons I teach during my iOS course at Intertech includes this warning: “be prepared to have the development rug pulled from underneath you.”  iOS is a relatively new environment, and as such, the changes to the tools, APIs, iDE, etc. are often drastic between major version updates.  When iOS 5 was released, ARC and Storyboards completely changed the way we handled memory management, and how we built GUIs.  iOS 6 introduced… Read More

Asynchronous Programming Techniques with .NET 4.5 Oxygen Blast

For those of you that weren’t able to make it to our recent Oxygen Blast presentation on Asynchronous Programming Techniques with .NET 4.5, the video recording, slide deck, and samples used have been posted below. This webinar introduced developers to past and current multithreaded programming techniques using C#, .NET 4.5, and Visual Studio 2013. It covered: Purpose, advantages, and risks of implementing parallel programming in your .NET solutions. .NET 4.0 Task Parallel Library (TPL) as a simple way to run several… Read More