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Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of February 23rd

Given the fact we’re still in a deep freeze here in Minneapolis, staying indoors and coming across interesting reading this week was not a challenge. Enjoy this week’s round-up! Interesting interview with Facebook CIO Timothy Campos on automating processes and building efficiency in the workforce with custom built software tools. Amazing the amount of revenue per employee. They must be doing something right! For those of you that keep up to speed on a weekly basis with new Visual Studio updates,… Read More

Vid-iT 4.0 Android App Released

At Intertech our mobile application development teams spend most of their time building applications for customers. Which makes sense since that’s how we grow the company! But, to stay on top of current trends and new features on the various platforms, we have a few apps that we develop on the side. This is one – I just completed and released the update of Vid-iT 4.0 to Google Play.   Vid-iT allows you to locate YouTube videos matching the music collection… Read More

JSON Service Mocks

  I am working with a client right now to build Android and iOS applications we hope to have posted to Google Play and the Apple Store before the end of the summer.  Like many mobile applications these mobile apps are going to be dependent on some communications with the organization’s HTTP/HTTPS servers for some information and services – in our case the exchange will be via JSON.  Unfortunately, the mobile application development is underway while the backend services are… Read More

Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of February 16th

Happy Friday! As the weekend closes in enjoy some quick reads from this week’s selections. Personally, watching someone live code Space Invaders was my favorite…. Read More

Swift for iOS 8: NSError and In-Out Parameters

In Objective-C, methods often accept pointers, which are typically used to send messages to a dereferenced object (the object the pointer is pointing to).  Occasionally, there is the need to modify the actual pointer reference, as opposed to the dereferenced object.  The most common example of this is with iOS’s error handling pattern. Many methods in Core Data’s NSManagedObjectContext uses this pattern, so lets use that as an example.  First the method signature indicates that it requires a reference to an NSError pointer (rather… Read More

Entrepreneurship Interview with Growth Everywhere

My thanks to Eric Siu from Growth Everywhere for interviewing me on engagement, Intertech, and my book:… Read More

Common Code for an AngularJS Unit Test

When unit testing AngularJS code using Jasmine, there is a lot of duplicate AngularJS unit test plumbing code. Even when using beforeEach methods, you could have multiple spec files across your site so the chance for duplicating code increases. For example, consider what it takes to set up an AngularJS unit test for a controller with scope: That’s a lot of code for each of your controllers!  It would be nice if this type of code could be placed in a service… Read More

Friday’s Dev Digest – Week of February 9th

Happy Friday from us at Intertech! For those of you new to our blog, each Friday we post a round-up of interesting articles and content that caught our attention throughout the week. Here’s our selection from this week: We came across a blog by James Long (@jlongster) who was exploring frameworks and libraries like Ember, Angular, and React. See why James thinks React is the best solution. React also seems to be a go-to-solution at Instagram and Facebook. See why… We… Read More

Android Development Tutorial: Lollipop CardView

Android 5 has now been out for almost 2 months.  Devices with Android 5 are starting to appear.  No doubt, if you are an Android developer you are studying the new features and API.  Take a look at some of my previous posts in this blog site for Android development tutorials on some of Android 5’s features. Lollipop Notifications RecyclerView getAppTasks() CardView CONCEPT In this Android development tutorial, we take a look at the new CardView.  CardView was another widget type added… Read More

Creating a Plan for Success in Business and Life

In November, I was one of the keynote speakers at TechServe Alliance, an IT industry conference. My TED Talk-styled presentation was on life planning.  It covers three techniques for professional and personal success. My thanks to TechServe Alliance for including me in the conference.  If you’re in the IT industry, I recommend TechServe Alliance without reservation…. Read More