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Intertech’s consultants are very experienced in improving performance by leveraging tools like Ant.  Our experts help you:

  • Understand the fundamental structure of an Ant Build File including projects, targets, tasks, dependent tasks, and properties
  • Leverage command line-options, custom environment variables, and logging
  • Create conditional builds thru properties and conditional logic
  • Optimize Ant for use with Java including correct use of command line options and alternate compilers
  • Call Tasks within same or separate build files
  • Create JAR files including working with the META-INF Directory and manifest files
  • Define a strategy for build versioning/numbers
  • Package builds thru TAR files, gzip, and zip files
  • Deploy applications in-house and remote via methods like FTP
  • Setup automatized builds
  • Leverage and integrate with tools like Cruise Control, Gump, and JUnit
  • Access code from CVS including checking out modules, updating shared code, committing code, and determine changes between versions
  • Extend Ant by executing external programs and handling return codes and  timeouts
  • Handle multithreaded tasks
  • Target web environments including creating files like WAR archives or CAB files and deploy to environments like Tomcat
  • Integrate Ant with Eclipse
  • Validate XML documents, load properties from XML files, and create Ant Task DTDs
  • Create custom listeners, loggers, selectors, types, and filters
  • Target issues and bugs in existing Ant files

For more information, view Intertech's complete Java Power Tools automated build and deploy offering.



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