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CLR Consulting

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Intertech's seasoned .NET consultants have deep understanding and use of the Common Language Runtime (CLR).  Our professionals help you:

  • Understand the essentials of CLR including IL, unsafe code, the Framework Class Library, and the Common Type System
  • Use best practices to build, package, and deploy applications and types including using metadata, assemblies, and versioning
  • Implement shared assemblies and strongly named assemblies including delaying signing and publisher policy control
  • Understand the type fundamentals including primitive, reference, and value types along with casting and namespaces
  • Correctly understand and use friend assemblies and accessibility, static, partial classes, structures, and interfaces
  • Understand operator overloading and conversion
  • Extend types with extension methods
  • Use optional and named parameters including the DefaultParameterValue
  • Use chars, strings, anonymous types, enumerated types, arrays, the System.Tuple Type, and generic property accessor methods
  • Understand generics including open and closed types, inheritance, identity, interfaces, and constraints
  • Implement interfaces using field proven practices for interface design, inheritance, and creating generic interfaces
  • Use delegates for calling back static methods, instance methods, and chaining
  • Create custom attributes
  • Understand nullable value types including boxing and unboxing nullable value types
  • Use practical approaches to error management and exceptions
  • Understand garbage collection including using finalization to release native resources, use of the CriticalFinalizerObject Types, and interoperating with unmanaged code
  • Access objects across boundaries
  • Implement assembly loading and reflection
  • Understand where to use runtime serialization
  • Troubleshoot threading and task issues including scheduling, priority, and cancellation including using the thread pool, worker threads, and thread synchronization constructs

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