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Executive Brief: Accessibility – What Stakeholders and Developers Need to Know

by | Apr 13, 2020

Accessibility - What Stakeholders and Developers Need to Know

Over the past several months, I’ve spoken with many C-level executives about the high level, strategic challenges they’re facing when it comes to building software. Through these conversations, common themes emerged. To help with these challenges, I’m excited to introduce Intertech Executive Briefs.

Based on 25+ years of building enterprise software for our clients, each Intertech Executive Brief outlines the challenge along with recommendations and insights for the busy executive.

What Stakeholders and Developers Need To Know About Accessibility

With the realization that accessibility compliance is a great advantage for your company and customers, and with the increase in ADA activist lawsuits across the country, it is important to have a clear understanding of why web tools and applications should be compatible with assistive technologies used by people with impairments.

Some of the most common ways of meeting compliance are making sure screen readers, Braille terminals, screen magnification and speech recognition applications have clean access to your systems. Other ways would be to meet expectations for subtitles and captioning when needed. In this article, we cover why accessibility is important, compliance standards, WCAG guidelines, ARIA guidelines, and validation and screen reader tools.

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