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Executive Brief: Finding & Retaining Stellar IT Talent

by | Nov 19, 2019

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Over the past few months, I’ve spoken with many C-level executives about the high level, strategic challenges they’re facing when it comes to building software. Through these conversations, common themes emerged. To help with these challenges, I’m excited to introduce Intertech Executive Briefs.

Based on 25+ years of building enterprise software for our clients, each Intertech Executive Brief outlines the challenge along with recommendations and insights for the busy executive.


Finding & Retaining Stellar IT Talent

Most modern companies rely on software, technology, and the internet to operate and product value. As IT plays an increasingly core role in driving business outcomes, hiring the right IT team to set your company up for success becomes increasingly important. 

Retaining great employees also helps your bottom line. With most IT workers making above average salaries, a study by the Center for American Progress found that “very highly paid jobs and those at the senior or executive levels tend to have disproportionately high turnover costs as a percentage of salary (up to 213 percent!).” Replacing highly paid people is expensive, not to mention the negative impact of turnover on production, training and employee morale.

Clearly, keeping great employees is a major challenge in the current IT environment. But there’s plenty you can do to get your people engaged, excited and committed to staying with your group or organization. Following the guidelines in this paper will encourage your people to (1) willingly promote the organization’s interests, (2) commit discretionary effort toward its improvement, and (3) stay with the organization for the long term.

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