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Intertech’s React Specialists Take The Risk Out Of Your Front-End Development Project!

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Intertech’s full-stack specialists bring together the experience and soft skills you need in a single turn-key package to complete your project on schedule and on budget. Our experts help you select the right technologies, languages, libraries, and toolsets for your company and ensure your project is done right from the start, whether working with us independently or in a co-development setting.

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We take the worry out of your project!

We Specialize In Front-End Development, Including React & React Native!

Intertech provides React consulting for organizations and projects wanting to utilize React for large applications with data that will change over time. We help companies utilize this JavaScript library that is used by some of the world’s largest websites.

In addition, and because Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb all built the latest versions of their mobile apps using React Native, we specialize in both. When we provide React Native consulting at Intertech, we can create apps using JavaScript and React, instead of using Objective-C, Swift, or Java. As a result we develop apps without needing to recompile code with every change, since React supports hot reloading. Our React Native consulting professionals can easily get you started with a new app or transition an existing app to Native code.

With our React consulting, our tested professionals will help you:

        • Understand and use best practices for the React library
        • Create user interfaces that assist the single-page application development problem
        • Construct sizable applications that employ data that changes over time
        • Learn how to implement one-way reactive data flow that cuts down biolerplate
        • See how React can be used in conjunction with other JavaScript libraries like jQuery and frameworks like AngularJS
        • Utilize React’s own virtual DOM

Our React Native consulting practice provides support for:

        • Navigation design and native UX/UI elements
        • Integration with existing Swift/Objective-C or Java code
        • Layout with CSS flexbox
        • Advanced React Native Library functions
        • Shared code between Android and iOS versions

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