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"Intertech’s SQL expertise was invaluable in improving our database server performance."

“Intertech’s SQL expertise was invaluable in improving our database server performance. Thanks to the guidance and work from Intertech consultants, we’ve reduced runtime on common queries, modernized our technology stack, created a platform for real-time sales feedback, and enabled more comprehensive strategic planning for our company. We look forward to working with Intertech on future projects to drive even more value from our data.”

– Client

"Working with Intertech allowed us to modernize the user interface of the equipment we produce."

“Working with Intertech allowed us to modernize the user interface of the equipment we produce. The consultants they provided were clearly experts in their field and brought the necessary knowledge to our team to update our application. But working with Intertech also helped us move toward a faster development and deployment cycle for our new features moving forward. This new user interface will provide a better user experience for our customers, and our new deployment pipeline will enable us to continue improving that user experience over the months and years to come.”

– Client

"Thanks to everybody for the efforts over the last 18 months!"

“It’s with mixed feelings that this day has arrived. I’m sad to see this collaborative effort come to an end; but I’m excited with what we have accomplished. Tom & Scott had a lot of patience with me through the process and were able to teach me a lot of good stuff. For me, one of the big benefits of the Intertech/[client] relationship was it helped me demonstrate the value of software to the company which led to my getting approval to hire two software folks. Even though this particular project/phase is at an end, I’m hoping we have the opportunity to work together again. Once again, Thanks to everybody for the efforts over the last 18 months.”

– Client Supervisor


Client Relationship Manager

Dan Hokeness

The Golden Rule guides Dan Hokeness in his role as Client Relationship Manager at Intertech. Dan has worked with diverse clients ranging from manufacturers to mortgage companies. In his first two years at Intertech, he also led the recruiting team, was Director of IT at GMAC ResCap, and gained earlier experience as a business technologist and programmer analyst. Dan’s broad experience gives him insight into the multifaceted needs of Intertech clients. But no matter who he’s working with, Dan delivers the best for every client.

“I believe in treating others as I want to be treated,” says Dan. “I believe in integrity and in honoring my work and relationships. I think our clients understand and value that.”


Why Did You Choose Intertech?

While I was the Director of IT at GMAC ResCap, I engaged Intertech as a vendor for staff training for several years. They were very impressive. I knew Intertech had a consulting side, and I was drawn by their nimble ability to react quickly to change. With my software development experience, a sales position was a great fit. I joined Intertech more than a dozen years ago, and I’ve never looked back.


Dan enjoys spending time with his family. He is a trustee at his church and serves as a board member of Auburn Homes and Services, a senior care facility.

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Additional Services Our Teams Offer In Conjunction With Custom Software Development

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Understanding your industry is one thing. Understanding the technology you are using is another. When you read studies that tell you that 75% of projects are doomed from the beginning, it has to make you pause before signing your name to the outcome.

Consider letting our proven professionals take a look at your project. They’ve seen what can go wrong and know how to avoid costly errors.

We build custom software from start to finish. We plug into your environment with the proven expertise you need for us to work independently or in co-development. And, we bring the soft-skills that make the task enjoyable, and the experience to leave your team stronger and ready to take over.

We Bring You…

Team-Complete™ Development

Intertech’s Team-Complete™ development means we make sure all the right people are seated at the table to assure success the first time. At Intertech, you always get the best of the best! Proven consultants dive deep into your project, analyze your objectives, and lead your project to success with the expertise and the soft-skills you expect from a leader.

Soft-Skills For A Winning Experience

Sometimes the most critical person in the room is the one with a calm voice and the knowledge to select the right words. Bringing a development team together or presenting a clear concept for stakeholders can make all the difference between success or failure. Intertech consultants are at the top of their field. They navigate challenging decisions, guide with a confident voice, and know when to get out of the way.

Turn to Intertech when you need it done right!

Intertech takes the worry out of custom software development.