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Intertech Internet-of-Things Services (IoT)

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Services


The Internet of Things isn’t just about connecting “things” anymore. It’s about building the infrastructure to collect and communicate the data, understand and act on the data, and ultimately grow your business. Whether its heart monitoring device data or simple outdoor lighting, Intertech can put the power of IoT connectivity to work for you.


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Benefits Of IoT:

Elimination of Multiple Manual Operations

Data In Predictive Modeling Format

Realtime Monitoring

Efficiencies That Saves Money & Resources

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What Is Internet of Things And How Will It Help My Business?

What Is The Internet of Things (IoT) ?

If you have sensors that you would like to connect to devices that, in turn, generate data that you would like to automatically create a response, predict an outcome, or forecast an upcoming event, you will want all these to be the “Things” in IoT. From handheld devices instantly registering an open space on a shelf or sensors telling you that it is likely you will have a maintenance event in the next few days, The Internet of Things gives you the power to predict, prevent, and schedule.

What Are The Benefits Of The Internet of Things?

Like most technologic advances, the efficiency of effort, convenience, and access to data that can be used for multiple purposes leads the chart. The “things” that it adds to your business are connectivity and the elimination of manually operating a different device for every task, the ability to personalize connections with employees and customers, real-time monitoring of critical areas of operation, and conservation of resources by automated monitoring and adjustment.

Examples Of How IoT Can Be Us By A Business?

There are many ways that the connectivity of sensors and the collection of real-time data in a specific format can benefit a business. A manufacturer of engines can improve maintenance and repair on engines by placing small sensors strategically within the engine and using models to determine when the data indicates a change in operation. Another use could be automated monitoring of inventory levels, so orders are placed before a product is depleted and customers go somewhere else.
Where Should You Start?

Analyze Your Process

If you are currently doing something manually that can be automated and would benefit from real-time connectivity; you may want to consider speaking with us about how we can transform your process. With the affordability and availability of handheld devices, connecting multiple locations has become the expectation rather than a dream. Evaluate your business, make a list of areas that could benefit from connectivity, and contact us!
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