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Intertech iOS Consulting

Intertech delivers expert iOS software development consulting creating stunning iOS user interfaces leveraging the Interface Builder, MVC, and more!

Our expert iOS consulting team can help you:

        • Determine best practices and approaches for application development on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
        • Create stunning iOS user interfaces
        • XCode project setup
        • Leverage the Interface Builder
        • Undertsand and use the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm and View controller actions/outlets
        • Understand and implement controls:  static, active, and passive
        • Use Button, Action Sheet, Slider, and Label
        • Implement application autosizing/autorotation
        • Use the gyroscope, front, and back cameras
        • Create iOS application settings with defaults
        • Correctly implement iOS persistence
        • Troubleshoot iOS development and performance issues

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