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Impacting Your Industry!

Experience Matters!

Impacting Your Industry!

Experience Matters!

Intertech Brings A Global Approach To Your Project, No Matter What Vertical.


Whether we are working with developers from NASA or building an application for a leader in high-tech, medical and health, or commercial marine, all Industries have something in common; business outcomes come first!

On this page, you will discover case studies that relate to your industry, as well as blur the lines, demonstrating that a solution in one industry can be just as important in another. Together, let’s make your business run more efficiently.


Case Study

Project: Computer Vision-Based Matching System


Industry: High-Tech – Manufacturing

Technologies Used:

  • Python
  • Docker
  • Tensor Flow
  • PyTorch
  • Imgaug
Cloud Service: AWS (Amazon Web Services)


An international electronics distributor engaged Intertech for technical support on a unique project involving neural network-powered computer vision. The key idea behind the application was to allow customers to take a picture of an electronics component, send it in, and receive a matching part from the distributor’s catalog, which has of over eight million products.


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Case Studies That Cross Vertical Boundaries

New technologies, combined with continually evolving computing tools, makes staying on top of doing things better a must for companies and IT professionals. Intertech is the partner that will show you the pathway to success.

Whether you are looking for .NET, Java, JavaScript, React, Angular, Python or any of the hundreds of languages and tool libraries that quickly get you updated and tie everything together, you have come to the right source. No matter the industry, you can rely on Intertech to provide a solution for you.



Software Development That Helps Care For The World

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Financial Services


Custom Software Development Focused On Efficiencies and Profits

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Law & Government Services


Creating Custom Applications To Navigate Laws and Regulations

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Software Development For The High-Tech Producer

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Custom Software To Help Explore & Defend Our World

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Software Development That Powers The World

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Software Development That Makes Everyones’ Life Easier

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Creating Custom Software Applications To Help People Through Life

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Agile development is more than a series of Sprints; it’s a proven methodology that can deliver fast results with less bureaucracy. However, without the right leadership your scrum can quickly get very chaotic.


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Selecting And Working With IT Consulting Firms

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Ryan Harvey

If you spent any time in Colorado during the past three decades, you probably ran into Ryan Harvey. Ryan worked at Bold Technologies in Colorado Springs, serving as a systems architect and later as director of software development. Previously he worked as a senior network engineer at Colorado-based Vanion. His earlier entrepreneurial efforts resulted in a successful dial-up and DSL Internet Service Provider know as Royal Internet Services, which served southern Colorado. Ryan was well prepared for his wide-ranging technology career. He earned a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Colorado Technical University (CTU) and a master of science in electrical engineering from CTU. Joining Intertech in 2015, Ryan has continued his pursuit of knowledge with multiple licenses and certificates. His particular areas of specialty are Microsoft SQL Server, Integration, and Agile Methodologies.


“Continuous learning gives good developers an edge,” says Ryan. “Intertech strongly encourages ongoing education, which benefits employees and clients.”


Why Did You Choose Intertech?

My philosophy is simple: never stop learning. Intertech gives me that opportunity with challenging projects and the opportunity to work next to some of the best in the business.


In collaboration with one of Intertech’s other amazing consultants, Ryan leads the Machine Learning collective at Intertech, researching new ways to expand the uses for client’s data.

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